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Alternate Route to Teaching

What is Alternate Route to Teaching in New Jersey?

Make a Difference & Change Your Life! Become a Teacher!

Ocean County College offers an alternate route teacher preparation program designed to provide candidates with the skills and strategies necessary to become excellent, successful teachers.

If you already hold a bachelor’s degree or higher, our program allows you  to become a licensed teacher without having to complete a traditional teacher training program. This program is regulated and approved by the NJ Department of Education.

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Introduction to the Teaching Profession SRED-512


To be eligible for the Limited CE with an instructional endorsement, candidates must hold a bachelor’s degree and meet all CE requirements, except the candidate may be waived from exactly one of the following requirements:

  • Minimum number of subject-matter course content credits;
  • Minimum required grade point average (2.75);
  • Minimum score on a Commissioner-approved assessment of basic skills or core competencies; or
  • Passing score on State-approved Praxis subject-matter assessments

Candidates will experience interactive lecture, observation, and clinical work experience to complete the 50-hour requirement. Topics include lesson planning, resume and interview processes, professional disposition and expectations, school law and ethics that impact effective teaching practices; all of which impact effective teaching practices. It also includes an introduction to assessment-driven instructional models, technology in education, and an overview of child development processes. The Alternate Route to Teaching licensing process will be introduced.

Take the first step on your path to becoming a teacher. Our 50-hour class offers 30 hours of lecture & 20 hours of clinical work, which includes classroom observations, substitute teaching, tutoring, and working in an after-school program. 5 CEU

Call  732.255.0409 for course offerings.

To move forward in the ART-CC program, students must submit the following documentation:

  • Proof of completion of the 50-hour Introduction to Teaching course (Verification of Program Completion – CE-VOPC)
  • ART-CC Application
  • Certificate of Eligibility (CE) issued in an approved subject area
  • Employment in CE subject area and enrollment in the NJDOE’s Provisional Teacher Program (PTP)

The Brookdale Alternate Route to Teaching – Community College (ART-CC) program provides aspiring teachers with a non-credit option to attain K-12 teacher licensing. The ART-CC offers a 400-hour preparation program for teacher candidates who already have a Bachelor’s Degree and Certificate of Eligibility (CE). This program allows you to attend classes while teaching full-time in the classroom.

Teacher candidates start with the 50-hour Introduction to Teaching Pre-Service course. The CE is not needed to begin the Introduction course, but the CE and employment as a teacher are required to move to the next 350 hours of training.

The CE will allow Candidates to seek employment as a teacher in a public, private, or parochial school.
Candidates must also participate in the Provisional Teacher Process to fulfill the NJ Teacher requirements.

For more information, visit Brookdale Community College.

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